Remembering. Celebrating. Dreaming Again.

Welcome to Aisling Dreaming Again, the centenary arts, heritage and legacy
programme of the 1916 Mendicity Garrison Relatives which is dedicated to the
people of the area around Sean Heuston’s ‘Fort’, the people for whom our
ancestors fought and died.

Aisling Dreaming Again is inspired by the futuristic dreams of that 1916
generation to invent a new Ireland, guaranteeing “equal rights and equal
opportunities to all” pursuing “the happiness and prosperity of the whole
nation and of all its parts”.

Our logo refers to the sunburst emblem of Na Fianna Eireann.
You can find out more about us and the patriots who fought at ‘the Mendo’
by clicking on the 1916 Mendicity logo above.

An téacs i nGaeilge le teacht.

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