Mendo’s Walls

At Easter 2016 we saw the first of Aisling Dreaming Again’s Street Art appearing on and around the Mendicity Institution on Island Street, behind Usher’s Island quay and along ‘the Mendo Way’ past Oh Rourke’s Café to the river.

Long mural

Wolfhound 1916 mural

Mural of Moira House Mural of Moira house with artist and Lord Mayor

Wolfhound 1916 mural 1916 section  Right section of Long mural
Left section of Long mural Lord Mayor and John Stephenson at Long mural


Mendo Front gate - before

Mendo Front gate – before

More and more graffiti throw-ups have been appearing around the derelict sites on Bridgefoot St. Too many of these are little better than blots and squiggles, when instead they could engage anyone passing with a really cool image that adds something wonderful to the streetscape.

And lots of people do pass by, not only the people who live there, for too long robbed of adequate civic amenities let alone the occasional visual delight.


Mendo Front gate - after

Mendo Front gate – after – Roll of Honour with the names of the Mendicity Garrison.

For much of the year, visitors from all over the world criss-cross the Bridgefoot St area, walking between Jamesons Distillery or Collins Barracks Museum to the north of the James Joyce and Mellows Bridges and Guinness Hopstore or St. Audoen’s & Christchurch to the south.

For all of the year, residents walk through streets pocked with derelict sites, rubbish, metal fencing, and bad graffiti. Aisling Dreaming Again proposes to involve them directly in changing this environment for the better.