CMS Learning Centre

CMS Learning Centre, Bridgefoot St ’2016 Identity’

The Director of the CMS Learning Centre for teenage boys, Sharon Hurley, along with the artist Annie Holland, requested the Mendicity Garrison Relatives to assist in their ‘2016 Identity’ poster art project created by the students themselves working with Annie in an exploration of their own identity and dreams for Ireland. The image they produced went on display on March 14th on advertising hoardings in the area, generously provided by Pat Egan of Irish Poster Advertising.

CMS poster with John Stephenson CMS poster 2
Mendicity Garrison relative John Stephenson
and the CMS “Flag” poster
Close-up of the Poster
CMS poster CMS poster with
Close-up of the Poster Artist Annie Holland and ‘2016 Identity’ poster
CMS Skys the limit
CMS group at their poster “The Sky’s the Limit”